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  • Artist: Anubis Gate
  • Label: No Dust Records
  • UPC: 8716059 016184
  • Genre: Progressive Metal
  • Release Date: 06/02/2023

    Final remaining stock of this CD - I will not be able to get more copies after these sell out, so order now while you can! 10 copies remaining as of September 10th, 2023!

    Henrik Fevre - vocals, bass
    Kim Olesen - guitar, keyboards
    Michael Bodin - guitar
    Morten Gade Sørensen - drums

    “Interference” A varied collection of material written and produced during the last six years."

    Anubis Gate, progressive metal band from Denmark, are ready to present their new album of 10 original songs entitled “Interference”.Musically this ninth Anubis Gate album is even more melodic while also harder edged. More direct while also containing the most experimental songs in their catalog. It has the hardest song, but also the most haunting song the band has done. The album is very focused, while also perhaps being their most varied to date.

    CD Tracklist:
    Ignorance Is Bliss
    Number Stations
    The Phoenix
    Dissonance Consonance
    The Intergalactic Dream Of
    World Of Clay

Anubis Gate - Interference (CD) (2023) (No Dust Records)

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