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  • Artist: Alta Reign
  • Label: Rat Pak Records
  • UPC: 638647814621
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 11/24/2023

    Alta Reign, the band featuring TSO drummer Jeff Plate and TSO keyboardist Jane Mangini will release their sophomore effort, “Upon the Horizon”, via Rat Pak Records on November 24, 2023. Coming off the heels of their successful 2021 release, “Mother’s Day”, the band’s latest prog-rock opus features 10 new studio tracks, including the bonus track “Beneath the Rose”, which is a tribute to the late Paul O’Neill and sees fellow TSO bandmates Chris Caffery and Al Pitrelli on guitars.

    Regarding the album Jeff Plate states, “With the positive reception of our debut album “Mother’s Day” and a sense of pride in our accomplishment, we realized that our second offering needed to be on the same level, so we took it upon ourselves to improve every aspect of what we had previously done, and we feel that “Upon the Horizon” has done exactly that”. Jane Mangini adds, “This is a very talented group of musicians. Each adds their own unique sound and personality. The band’s ideas and vision is very different and heavier than anything I have worked on before and I think people will really enjoy it!”

    From the album's opening riffs, to the mindful closer “Beneath the Rose", the band has once again creatively combined melodic, progressive and hard rock music to create a unique landscape for the listener. Influenced by many, yet following no one, Alta Reign has pushed their boundaries to create another unique and powerful album!

Alta Reign - Upon The Horizon (CD) (2023) (Rat Pak Records)

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