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  • Artist: Alkateya
  • Label: Chaosphere Recordings
  • UPC: N/A
  • Genre: Heavy Metal
  • Release Date: 12/01/2022

    "Metal Rising" is Alkateya's second full-length album. The band was formed in 1986 by Beto, Paulo Rui Martins and José Castro , who a little later were joined by vocalist João Pinto.In November of that year they record and mix their debut demo with 4 themes: Exodus, Alkateya, Nightmare and Rock on, Roll out. Among the various shows that presented this demo, the most noteworthy is the one that took place at Rock Rendez-Vous in 1987.In this year they record the second demo with 3 themes: Star Riders, Old Man and The Call & the Crash. In 1988 they make another appearance at Rock Rendez-Vous and Manuel Animal replaces José Castro and, in the following year, they tour the country for a short time. The third demo "Face to Face" is released in 1990 and the following year the band is dissolved. In 2003, reactions to the release of the album "Replay", a collection of the three remastered demos, lead to a reunion of the band with its classic line-up - João Pinto (vocals), Beto (guitar), Paulo Rui (bass) and Manuel Animal (drums) - later reinforced by guitarist João Coutinho, replaced by Nuno Duarte in January 2004. In May of that year Beto leaves, finding Alexandre Domingues replacing him. In November 2004 Nelson Canário joins the band as second vocalist. In 2005 the band takes part in TV shows, underground festivals and opens the Judas Priest concert at Pavilhão Atlântico. The band ends its activities in 2007.In October 2012, João Pinto, Beto and Manuel Animal get together for a solidarity concert for Cameraman Metálico, accompanied by Pedro Mendes on bass and Alcides and Pedro Simões on guitars. Months later the wolves awaken once again...

Alkateya - Metal Rising (2 CD) (2022)

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