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  • Artist: Y&T
  • Label: RoxxVoxx
  • UPC: 5292317216020
  • Genre: Hard Rock
  • Release Date: 2019

    Brand-new/unplayed/Sealed Digipak!

    Y&T, Live from the Record Plant, Sausalito, CA on November 8th, 1974
    Y&T, originally known as Yesterday and Today, is probably one the most underrated and yet most influential hard metal band in the genre. Pivotal in the careers of bands like Van Halen, Mötley Crue, and Metallica, its first two albums their self-titled debut and Struck Down are pioneering masterpieces of hard rock. Both albums were way ahead of their time and have undergone considerable critical reappraisal since being re-issued in 2009. Often lumped in (erroneously) with the 80s Hair Metal bands so beloved of MTV videos, Y&T stands apart from those young rock pretenders by dint of their musicality, musicianship, and stagecraft. It also happens to have the most loyal fans on the face of Planet Rock. Rox Vox proudly presents the entire KSAN-FM broadcast of Y&T, live from the Record Plant, Sausalito on 8th November 1974. Professionally remastered original FM broadcast with background liners and rare imagery.

Y And T - Live: Record Plant 1974 (CD) (2023)

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