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  • Artist: Wyzdom
  • Label: Heaven And Hell Records
  • UPC: 685747052927
  • Genre: Heavy Metal
  • Release Date: 2019

    Comes with free magnet of front cover!!

    From in Minneapolis, Minnesota from the ashes of the Russ Erickson Band by vocalist/keyboardist Mark Nesser back in 1980. Nesser’s concept for WYZDOM would be a band with music based on mysticism and the Occult. This band would go through many line-up changes over the next decade with Nesser and guitarist Dave Sanborn being the longest attending members. Over which time the band write over 100 songs(which included a 2-song 7”, one released full-length, an unleashed EP and three additional unreleased albums.

    In 1988 the WYZDOM line-up would consist of Nesser, Sanborn with rhythm section Rick Kremer on bass and drummer Kevin Chambers. That same year the band decided to record a new album called “Through The Looking Glass”. The release would be followed by several live gigs in support of the album and radio airplay. This buzz would attract much label interest, yet still, that elusive record deal would never come. WYZDOM would continue to see more personnel changes and even change the band's moniker to Wild Child at one point before eventually closing the book and ending the band.

    Through the for the next couple of decade WYZDOM would go on to gain a cult following of sorts, although very little was known about the band, their history and their extremely rare and never heard recordings.

    FOR FANS OF: X-Caliber, Pretty Maids, TNT, Aldo Nova, Europe, and Madison

Wyzdom ‎– Through the Looking Glass (CD) (2019 Heaven And Hell Records)

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