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  • Artist: Type O Negative
  • Label: Carnivore Fanclub Records
  • UPC: None
  • Genre: Gothic Metal
  • Release Date: 2021

    CD is brand-new and is resealable CD bag!

    Type O Negative’s 1993 album Bloody Kisses is one of the most important metal records of the ’90s, and possibly all time! It pushed boundaries, redefined a genre, and broke Type O Negative into the mainstream on the backs of “Christian Woman” and “Black No. 1,” both of which seemed into the burgeoning American metal mainstream and remain metal dive bar jukebox mainstays to this day.

    1. Christian Woman (9:44)
    2. We Hate Everyone (6:34)
    3. Black No.1 (11:30)
    4. Summer Girl** (4:49)
    5. Set Me On Fire (2:56)
    6. Blood & Fire (5:41)
    7. Scream (Because I Can’t)* (9:14)
    8. Death In The Family (11:24)
    9. Can’t Lose You (5:20)

    10. If She Loved Me (Live) (3:00) — Song never finished properly in studio, only played live on a few occasions.
    11. Kill All The White People (Live) (5:06) — Featuring Phil Anselmo on vocals. * Previously unreleased. **Alternative version of the song “Summer Breeze,” which was later changed to the former after Seals and Crofts finding the lyrical content distasteful.

    Type O Negative
    Sal Abruscato · Peter Steele
    Kenny Hickey · Josh Silver

    All songs decomposed by Steele 1993.

    “Now we can hear the original demo versions of several of the tracks on Bloody Kisses. We aren’t sure where these demos came from or why they’re coming to light right now, but we do know this: they’re a fucking fantastic — and fascinating — listen. These are the songs as they were originally written, mostly the same, sure, but in their penultimate form, with plenty of warts and scrapes. It’s a look into a band at their creative prime, sure of where they wanted to go but still figuring out how to get there. It’s a band on the verge of greatness.” – Vince Nielstein

Type O Negative – Bloody Kisses (The Demos) (CD in Digipak)

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$14.79Sale Price
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