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  • Artist: Triggerfinger
  • Label: Mascot Records
  • UPC: 819873015444
  • Genre: Alternative Rock
  • Release Date: 08/25/2017

    Corners on this are fine, but the upper left has a bend that has left marks in the cover - Priced to compensate for this - Pics upon request...

    COLOSSUS, which includes the strutting new single Flesh Tight, offers killer guitar riffs, breezy melodies, festive glam rock and mind-bending production, making the album a wild ride on a merry-go-round in Disneyland after dark.

    The Antwerp, Belgium based trio (Ruben Block, vocals & guitar; Paul Van Bruystegem, bass; Mario Goossens, drums) have built a solid reputation across Europe, the US and Canada as one of the hardest-driving and sharpest dressing bands around. After four studio albums and the massive touring that came with it, it was time for a change. While writing Colossus, Triggerfinger wanted to add a few new flavors to the mix. "Acoustic instruments, samples, keyboards, percussion, two bass guitars: as long as they served the song, we were happy.", states vocalist Ruben Block.

    So if you like your rock down and dirty, played by impeccably dressed Belgian gentlemen, then Colossus is right up your alley.

Triggerfinger - Colossus (LP) (2017) (Black Vinyl)

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