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  • Artist: Tora Tora
  • Label: FnA Records
  • UPC: 60886639841
  • Genre: Hard Rock
  • Release Date: 2009

    CD is sealed and brand new!

    Anthony Corder on the Revolution Day Sessions:
    The Revolution Day project was an interesting time for TORA TORA. It was the '93-'94 era, we were overlapping the last embers of our Wild America dates, rehearsing ideas for the new project, growing from our touring experiences, and experimenting with recording techniques. We relocated our rehearsal space to a warehouse over by the Memphis airport, and tried to stay focused on pre-production. We were pulling together ideas from handheld cassette recorders, scribbled napkins, & 8 track recordings we made on the bus or hotel rooms. I think we were more comfortable with our creative spirits, more confident in our ideas and our approach to songwriting. All of us contributed on the former projects, but everyone was struggling for the third project to keep the TORA identity, and go somewhere new at the same time. We definately had moments of anxiety and frustation but it was all well worth it once we locked down the tunes. We were joined by The Memphis Horns as well as Susan Marshall and Stacy Plunk adding back-up vocals on two tracks. The Revolution sessions were some of our most memorable escapades, and had us back at home in Ardent, hanging with Molly's LaCasita crew, and me personally closing down most Midtown establishments.

    Additional comments by Keith Douglas:
    This was also the same time the entire industry shifted due to a certain Cobain fellow. I think we felt a bit shunned. It was a rough era, but listening back to Revolution Day, its still something to be very proud of. The files found and shared on the net are a poor copy from cassette to cd that are actually too fast. This release will be the closest thing ever to the original recording. Revolution Day Is Here!

Tora Tora – Revolution Day (CD) (2009 FnA Records)

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