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  • Artist: Top Notch
  • Label: FnA Records
  • UPC: 301652040254
  • Genre: Hard Rock
  • Release Date: 2022

    CD is sealed and brand new!

    Top Notch was formed by songwriter and guitar player, Eric Kellogg, in 1984 and included Ken Robertson on vocals, Todd Jeffries on bass, and Mark Alderette on drums. The songs were primarily written by Eric Kellogg and Ken Robertson. The hard rock sound that they developed was melodic with blazing guitar solos. Top Notch recorded their first demo on an 8-track in the bedroom of one of their best friends. This was met with much acclaim and their songs were played on KLOS and KMET Southern California radio stations. This launched them into the LA rock scene, playing every major club including The Roxy, The Whisky, Gazzari’s, and the Troubadour, opening for who would become some of the largest rock bands such as Warrant, Rough Cut, Poison, and many others. Top Notch was then picked up by Available Management run by Alan Oken and David Libert, who managed bands such as Guns N Roses, Alice Cooper, and Bryan Adams. Their new management connected the band with many large record labels and they ultimately signed a developmental deal with Polygram Records. At that time, guitarist Eric Kellogg was connected with many prolific songwriters such as Peter Frampton, Martin Briley, Mark Tanner (Nelson, Eddie Money) and Steve Plunkett of Autograph. Steve Plunkett and Eric Kellogg developed a close relationship and went on to write many songs together that are featured on this album as well as Steve Plunkett’s solo album. The band had a large and loyal following and sold out virtually every club that they played. In the midst of them preparing to sign a major record deal, the grunge scene came into play and tilted the rock n roll world upside down. At this time the band broke up and Eric Kellogg went on to write and play with many well known artists in the industry. The band was no longer together but Top Notch’s music will live on forever!

Top Notch – Mean And Smooth (2022 FnA Records)

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