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  • ARTIST: The Crows
  • LABEL: Lions Pride Music
  • UPC: 657039449418
  • GENRE: Hard Rock
  • RELEASE DATE: 2/26/2024


    The Crows: Unleashing Pure, Unadulterated Rock 'n' RollIn!
    the world of hard rock, few bands can boast a lineup with the caliber and diversity of experience found in The Crows. Formed from the collective talents of seasoned musicians who have shared stages with legendary artists such as Noisy Mama, Larry Mitchell (Tracy Chapman), Quiet Riot, Earl Slick (David Bowie), and Carl Canedy (The Rods), The Crows have taken the rock 'n' roll scene by storm.

    Fronted by the charismatic and powerhouse lead vocalist, Michael Santarsiero, known previously as Michael Devlin Blare, who once led the American hard rock band Totally Lost Cause from 1989 to 1996. Under his leadership, Totally Lost Cause released two influential albums, "Original Sin" and "Serious Trouble," before embarking on a musical journey that included collaborations with The Giants of Science, Cranky Bitch, and The Sandy Clams. In 2010, Michael became a founding member ofThe Idol Kings, and in 2015, he reunited with two of his former Totally Lost Cause bandmates to join forces with the renowned metal drummer and producer, Carl Canedy of The Rods. This collaboration birthed the progressive metal supergroup, Canedy, which unleashed their debut album, "Warrior," upon the world in 2020.

    The Crows' lead guitarist, Jimmy Gumina, brings a sonic experience like no other. A founding member of Noisy Mama and a virtuoso who has graced stages with White Noise, Ethr, and Hounds of Desire, Gumina's electrifying guitar work is deeply rooted in the influences of British rock legends Ritchie Blackmore and Jimmy Page. His signature style and tone have become a defining feature of The Crows' sound.

    Bassist Freddy Villano, whose rock pedigree includes stints with Quiet Riot, Widowmaker (featuring Dee Snider), and Earl Slick (David Bowie), has an impressive resume that extends from '90s pop to punk rock and classic rock supergroups. Currently, he holds the low end for '80s metal icons, The Rods.

    Drawing inspiration from bass legends like Geezer Butler, Steve Harris, and John Paul Jones, Villano's rumbling bass lines form the solid foundation of The Crows' music.The rhythmic backbone of the band is provided by the powerhouse drummer Vic Pullen. ANew York City-based musician hailing from Little Rock, Arkansas, Pullen's extensive career includes collaborations with Larry Mitchell (Tracy Chapman), Francis Dunnery (Robert Plant), and various projects spanning different genres. His drumming influencesrange from Frank Zappa to John Coltrane, ELP to the B-52s, and Rush to Heart, with a deep appreciation for Led Zeppelin's percussive artistry. Vic Pullen's versatile drumming style is a driving force behind The Crows' electrifying sound.

    Together, The Crows have emerged as a hard rock powerhouse, epitomizing the spirit of unadulterated rock 'n' roll at its finest. Their Lions Pride Music debut release, "Ready When You Are," transports listeners to a bygone era when rock was melodic, ballsy, and unbound. The music is a sensual, groove-laden journey that pays homage to the rock legends of the late '70s and early '80s, while blazing a trail for a new generation of rock enthusiasts. With a lineup as impressive as their collective experience, The Crows are poised to seduce the hearts and minds of rock aficionados worldwide. Get ready to be captivated, because The Crows are here, and they are ready to rock your world.

The Crows - Ready When You Are (CD) (2024) (Lions Pride Music)

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