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  • Artist: Tango Down
  • Label: Kivel Records
  • UPC: 798576144197
  • Genre: Hard Rock
  • Release Date: 2022

    Not even a pandemic can keep Tango Down from finishing what was started. The events that unfolded over the last two years in the end, only delayed them. Matter of fact, they took the imposed shutdown and used it to their advantage to fine tune the band's follow up to the record breaking, Bulletproof. The band made a very good album into a GREAT album. Many bands maintain or try to match their previous effort. Tango Down have managed to outshine each release, proving their only competition is themselves! Hands down this is the band's best album to date. We challenge any listener to say otherwise. Scott and Company took the strongest qualities of each release and combined them into one strong album that flows perfectly from beginning to end. This Is Gonna Hurt is a masterful roller-coaster ride of rock n roll if there ever was one. Take this album to the gym, in your car or at the beach. You're going to sink your teeth in so deep that you expect that THIS IS GONNA HURT!

Tango Down - This Is Gonna Hurt (CD) (2022 Kivel Records)

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