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  • Artist: Shannah
  • Label: Blood & Iron / Lost Realm Records
  • UPC: 0762470720610
  • Genre: Heavy Metal
  • Release Date: 2016

    AXEL guitarist Frank Deroubaix, joined female singer Conny Visschers and formed SHANNAH after AXEL disbanded. Under this moniker, they created a Belgian masterpiece of melodic Heavy Metal with female vocals, through the privately pressed MINI LP “Endless”. However, the times were not good anymore for a classic melodic Heavy Metal band. Specially in Belgium. Thrash was already established, Death/Black have taken over and they were too late for the Hair Metal craze (Grunge was in), so the record failed to have any impact. So it’s time to make justice to the short SHANNAH legacy and give to the Euro Metal/Melodic Metal fans this gem. This expanded edition besides the very rare MINI LP (which sells usually for high values), also includes the 1993 demo. Released for the first time on CD, it includes a 12 page booklet with band history, lyrics, photos of the band and memorabilia and is remastered by the man himself, Frank Deroubaix.


Shannah - Endless: 25th Anniversary Expanded Edition (CD) (2016)

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