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  • Artist: Saffire
  • Label: Rock Of Angels Records
  • UPC: 5200123663389
  • Genre: Heavy Metal
  • Release Date: 10/21/2023

    After parting ways with their former drummer, there was a plethora of emotions of all kind within the band. They were a mess and they needed some time to rejuvenate and find a new spark. Creatively they’ve always found the hurricane to be a good parable to their writing, as they’ve always had a creative mess within their heads, sometimes writing whole songs within a matter of minutes, without even touching an instrument. It’s all about channeling and focusing that energy and well of power to their benefit, and trying to tame it. Hence “Taming The Hurricane”. The album marks a new era with the entrance of Efraim Larsson, a groovy powerhouse of a drummer, with even more raw power than they’ve had before. In a way, his sound and style, has influenced this album, quite a lot and the focus has been on just that, raw power. Both in songs and production style. Lyrically, they try to both involve personal life experiences as well as putting a spin on current events of the world. Guitarist Victor Olsson comments: ”A song like “Flight Of A Thousand Wings” is extra special for me as it’s a sort of farewell to my dear late grandfather. A theme that became personal to almost everyone of us as we all quite recently experienced grief and sorrow from losing a loved one”

Saffire - Taming The Hurricane (LP) (2022) (Gold Vinyl)

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