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  • Artist: Sad Iron
  • Label: Sire Records
  • UPC: 3267575145544
  • Genre: Heavy Metal
  • Release Date: 04/19/2019 

    Dutch speed metal icons Sad Iron are proud to announce that their new album "Chapter II - The Deal" will be out on 19/04/2019 

    Sad Iron was formed in 1979 by guitarist Bernard Rive. The band released 2 albums so far, "Total Damnation" in 1983 and "The antichrist", recorded in 1985 and due to several reasons, released in 2016. Now they are back with their 3rd full-lenght album "Chapter II - The Deal" : 10 songs of pure 80's old school speed / thrash metal!!

Sad Iron - Chapter II: The Deal (LP) (2019 Sire Records) (Black Vinyl)

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