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  • Artist: Rage
  • Label: Dr Bones Records
  • UPC: 886922153716
  • Genre: Heavy Metal
  • Release Date: 7/28/2023

    1985 was the year in which the foundation stone was laid for the career of a band that is still as active almost 35 years later as it was on the first day. We're talking about RAGE, of course, who started out as AVENGER in 1984 before changing their name.Now the legendary albums of the metal legend from Herne are being re-released on double LPs with several previously unreleased tracks."Reflections Of A Shadow" (1990) is still considered one of the band's most underrated albums. The reissue contains the regular album, the tracks from the EP "Extended Power" and several unreleased bonus tracks from the recording session of the album. An absolute must for all RAGE heads!

Rage - Reflections Of A Shadow (2 LP) (2023 Reissue) (Black Vinyl)

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