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  • Artist: P.M. Heat
  • Label: Metallic Blue Records
  • UPC:655825509421
  • Genre: Hard Rock
  • Release Date: 12/22/2023

    P.M. Heat hailed from Shriner, Texas and played a style of Hard Rock/AOR filled with lots of keyboards and soaring guitars. If you like backing vocals, this band is for you. P.M. Heat released and EP in 1989 on both vinyl and CD, both of which have become big collector's items (CD selling for $700+ on several occasions). The band released a full-length cassette in 1990 where the continued to play very catchy/radio friendly songs. Both these releases have been on want lists for many years, and they can finally be obtained for a decent price as they are available on a single CD. All 14 tracks have been digitally remastered for your listening pleasure (as if the catchy songs themselves didn't do that already).

P.M. Heat - Breaking The Ice (CD) (2023) (Metallic Blue Records)

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