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  • Artist: Old Boreas
  • Label: Indie
  • UPC: 000666006668
  • Genre: Melodic Death Metal
  • Release Date: 2020

    A culmination of several years worth of effort, its finally here. For the fans, we've got a few bonus tracks in there to fatten the deal even more...a few little tidbits to show you where we've been and just how far we've come in three long years. What sort of goodies do we have in store? Demos, early jam sessions, and a nasty little industrial track called "The Last Straw (Uncle Sham)". Enjoy.

    Vox- Mike de la Morte
    Guitars- Justin "Goose" Janusaitus
    Bass- Jon Gorton
    Drums- Jay Northrop

    All lyrics and art by M. Mones and J. Janusaitus
    Recorded and mixed by Nick @ Dexter's Lab
    Mastering by Ted Freeman

Old Boreas - Genocide Us (CD) (2020 Indie)

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