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  • ARTIST: Of Mice And Men
  • LABEL: Warner Bros UK
  • UPC: 4065629705152
  • GENRE: Heavy Metal
  • RELEASE DATE: 10/13/2023


    Few hard rock albums are as intimate as the modern output from Of Mice & Men. While their songs pack the kind of rhythmic punch and anthemic bombast that thrills festival crowds, the confessional lyrics, and haunting melodies are the heart of what they do. Frontman Aaron Pauley engineered (with the rest of the band), produced, mixed, and mastered 'Tethe'r, the quartet’s astonishing eighth album. Drummer Valentino Arteaga handled the artwork. As a legion of devoted listeners worldwide has come to expect, guitarists Phil Manansala and Alan Ashby, Aaron, and Tino poured their hearts and souls into every note, creating another sonic document of their lives.

    Of Mice & Men take sobering looks at depression, anxiety, loneliness, and existential dread, powering through the darkness, and emphasizing the importance of creativity as a balm for mental health.'

    Tether' is anchored by a reflective meditation on what it means to draw together as friends, family men, artists, and bandmates. What does it mean to be there for the people who depend on us, knowing we can’t fully protect them from the hardships of life?

    “We’ve worked with so many talented producers and artists throughout our career, and we’ve been able to learn something from each of them,” Pauley explains. “We really left ourselves open as we wrote. Anytime a spark of imagination made anybody’s ears perk up, we pursued it.”

Of Mice And Men - Tether (LP) (2023) (Dark Purple Marble Vinyl)

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