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  • Artist: N.Y. Fury
  • Label: Eonian Records
  • UPC: 798576146696
  • Genre: Hard Rock
  • Release Date: 2022

    Second shipment arrived with a bent corner due to shipping company negligence!
    Eonian was very undersatanding and gave me a discount, which I'm passing on to
    my customers that can live with a VG+ cover. Album is priced to compensate for
    this - photos avilable upon request.

    The very first incarnation of FURY came to life in 1980 as a three-piece band based out of New York consisting of Gene Hunter on bass, Oscar Bone handling guitar and vocals and Brian Manning on drums and vocals. A bunch of 14 and 15 year olds playing cover songs from the likes of Led Zeppelin, KISS, Judas Priest, Van Halen, Cheap Trick, Jethro Tull and the Ramones, FURY even did a killer original arrangement of “Gates of Steel” by Devo.Due to their tender years, an adult still had to accompany the band members when they played club gigs, but for their very first concert, the trio hustled hard and sold an amazing 500 tickets. Impressed by what his son was putting together, Gene’s father wanted an opinion from more seasoned musicians as to whether he should let his son pursue a career in music. Gene’s older sister’s boyfriend at the time was a bass player and he and his drummer friend A.J. Pero, who were both in A.J.’s pre-Twisted Sister band Heaven, attended a show and thought FURY had huge talent for such young kids, making it much easier for Gene to go after his dream of writing songs for a living.With the rest of the band only interested in doing covers Gene quickly turned his FURY into N.Y. FURY with the bassist’s younger brother Ron Hunter the first to come on board on drums. Ron was quickly followed by two of Gene’s high school guitar-playing buddies, Mike Sinclair and Chris Orzillo, although the latter was soon replaced by Nick Bellarosa. The hardest task of all was, as Gene remembers, finding a singer. “Being a band in the eighties, there were high expectations for front men. Not only did you have to find a guy who could sing but looks and showmanship were very important too. The band had a very strong image and great stage presence so finding a singer who could match up with us was important. It was now 1986, our stage wear was custom made, I had a proper stage show being built, but still no singer.”Jimmy Patryx was the first to take up the challenge by recording the band’s 1987 demos, but it was Gary Ryan, along side Gene, Nick, Mike, and Ron who recorded most all of N.Y. FURY’s material. By this stage, the band was also building a real live presence. Their very first show was a sold out auditorium with 1000 tickets sold. They became the first unsigned band to headline L’Amour (Rock Capitol), Club Bene, and The Stone Pony on their first time performing at either venue.Even with countless shows under their belt, it was still a huge achievement for the unsigned band to be flown out to Puerto Rico to perform at the Ruben Rodriguez Arena, but these accomplishments were, as Gene confirms, both a blessing and a curse. “We were headlining theaters and performing in arenas, but this set the bar high and gave off the impression that we were already signed,” he says ruefully. “When we played with one of Doc McGhee’s bands at a well-known theater in New Jersey where we hadperformed, headlined, and sold out many times before, we were told by the owner of the Theatre, Phil Neiri, that D