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  • Artist: Monstrosity
  • Label: Metal Blade
  • UPC: 039841560312
  • Genre: Death Metal
  • Release Date: 2018

    Drummer Lee Harrison entered Audiohammer Studios in Sanford Florida with veteran metal producer Jason Suecof. A week was spent creating rock solid drum tracks. Guitar and bass tracks were handled at Ascension Sound in Tampa with the vocal tracks being recorded at Obituarys "Redneck Studios" in Gibsonton Florida. The mix was handled by producer Mark Lewis (Megadeth) and the resulting 2018 album "The Passage Of Existence" was born. 10 tracks of masterfully crafted death metal for the modern era from the standard bearers of extreme art.

    New songs like Cosmic Pandemia, Kingdom of Fire, and Solar Vacuum personify the Monstrosity sound forged like only Monstrosity can. Punishing tracks such as Slaves To The Evermore, Eyes Upon The Abyss, and The Hive showcase the razor tight songwriting skills and ferocious lyrical landscapes. Next up for the band will be touring in support of the brand new album!! See you on tour! Through trials and tribulations of label problems, member changes, and tides in shifting musical taste, MONSTROSITY still stand taller than ever, still delivering their brand of state of the art sonic devastation.

Monstrosity ‎– The Passage Of Existence (LP) (2018) (Black Vinyl)

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