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  • Artist: Ratt
  • Label: Ratt Records
  • UPC: 9789563530766
  • Genre: Hard Rock/Heavy Metal
  • Release Date: 2023

    CD in digipak is sealed and brand new!

    The Garage Tape Dayz 78–81 is a compilation album of Mickey Ratt demos recorded between 1978 and 1981.The lineup (Pearcy, Hager and Jellison on Bass/Turner on Drums) on "City To City" was the first to perform as Ratt but they would change it back to Mickey Ratt ,The lineup featuring Pearcy, Jake E Lee, Matt Thorne, Dave Alford, & Bob DeLellis would be the last Mickey Ratt lineup before shortening the name to Ratt for good in 1981.Robbin Crosby was the first 'classic' member to join Pearcy.Guitarists Jake E. Lee and Chris Hager, bassist Matt Thorne, and drummer Dave Alford went on to the band Rough Cutt.Drummer Bob Eisenberg went on to become a member of an early line-up of Keel under the name Bobby Marks.

Mickey Ratt - The Garage Tape Dayz 78-81 (CD) (2023 Ratt Records)

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