• Artist: Martyr
  • Label: Into The Limelight Records
  • UPC: 7081259736349
  • Genre: Heavy Metal
  • Release Date: 05/17/2017

    Features special guest appearances from Izegrim , Vicious Rumors, Highway Chile, Wolfen members and more. Includes the track "Dont Need Your Money" , a tribute to the classic NWOBHM band Raven.

    After the release of the highly acclaimed "Circle Of 8" in 2011 we proudly present YOU ARE NEXT, the next step in the ever-changing cycle of the pompous metal act MARTYR.

  • Without disrespect yet always following their own path they bring you their latest sonic assault on your ears in the form of heavy, thrash and power metal all into one. By fusing the ingredients of past releases and modern elements they bring you a deadly metal cocktail of what will remind you of how it felt to be alive again.

    Raw, unfiltered and passionate energy in the form of a prescription for your daily dose of metal health. No need for the doctor's appointment because it appears that YOU ARE NEXT on our schedule!

Martyr - You Are Next (Vinyl Edition)