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  • ARTIST: Lypswitch
  • LABEL: Eonian Records
  • UPC: 798576245993
  • GENRE: Hard Rock
  • RELEASE DATE: 3/29/2024


    In the early days, LYPSWITCH categorized their sound as “underground punk-funk street rock,” a band that thrived on reality and staying in touch with the very people that called themselves their fans—Upon making the monumental move from the swamps of central Florida (Orlando to be exact) to Hollywood’s Sunset Strip, the band’s sound got even more down and dirty as that Hollywood scene had them kicking and clawing to be the next big thing.

    Their story began in Florida in 1987 from the ashes of local acts like Fatal Vision, Charisma, & Danger, as four typically frustrated high school students were trying to make a career out of rock and roll playing backyard keg parties and high schools but were only further frustrated by living in central Florida. The band did not even graduate before they all climbed into singer Danny Whaley’s van along with Dave Brandani (the band’s stage manager and close friend) and set out for Hollywood with nothing but their equipment and a few dollars in their pockets. It was a move that took equal parts of determination and unquestioning optimism.

    When the guys arrived in Hollywood in April of 1988, the glam scene was morphing to a more street-level sound with bands like Guns N’ Roses, L.A. Guns, Bang Tango, Love/Hate and Funhouse all making a name for themselves. LYPSWITCH adapted to this sound as well and started to pack the usual hotspots such as The Whisky (a favorite of theirs), Gazzarri’s, The Roxy, and The Troubadour, as the guys would play anytime, anyplace, and anywhere!

    As mentioned earlier, the band kicked and clawed their way around The Strip scene and frequently played with rival bands such as Snake Rock, Scratch, Children, Funhouse as well as Bang Tango, D’Molls and Love/Hate, who, of course, went onto significant label success. Along with that healthy competition, LYPSWITCH also had plenty of press from LA rags like BAM, Rock City News, and Screamer, as well as even getting coveted airplay on the legendary KNAC Radio with their song “Rattlesnake Skin” in late 1989 and 1990. Along the way they also took part in the LA band traditions of posting flyers, making phone calls to people on their mailing list, and even sending newsletters to people who listed themselves in the pen pal section of Metal Edge Magazine. It was an idea that helped the band spread their name all over the country and even internationally!

    In early 1989 the band showcased for MCA Records and eventually signed a demo deal with the company in July of the same year and recorded a 3-song demo produced by Ricky Delena (KISS, Rod Stewart, Iron Maiden) on a budget of $5,000. The band was picked up by Future Star management as the roller coaster ride was about to begin. But MCA eventually passed on a full-fledged recording contract as the band admits the demo could have represented their sound and style better, even ackowledging that they underachieved in the studio. Not long after the failed deal with MCA, the band hooked up with producers Alex Woltman and Elliot Soloman (Motley Crue, W.A.S.P.) to demo a song more indicative of their sound. That song, “Rattlesnake Skin,” captured the band’s live feel more appropriately. Still, ultimately, they missed an opportunity because they were too star struck, young, and naïve with that MCA demo deal and the initial approach in the studio. Live and learn, you could say.

    As LYPSWITCH continued their quest, they eventually hooked up with a gentleman named Curt Lorraine (Curent Management). Curt had worked with Niji Management (Wendy & Ronnie James Dio) before starting his own management company. His involvement with the band was of immense help at the time and even through the ensuing years as he helped the band in a consultant role just before his death when they planned and recorded their 2018 release “30 Years”. 1990 saw the band record a 5-song demo (produced by Dino Papanicolaou) but in May of 1991, after 3 years of playing some awesome (and sold-out) shows on The Strip (headlining clubs such as The Whisky and Roxy numerous times), recording further demos, connecting with some terrific industry personnel and coming close to that ever so elusive major label deal with MCA, the writing was eventually on the wall. Danny left the band, and after many attempts to replace him, the band folded in the late summer of 1991. Mick, Kevin (KA), and David played in other bands such as Gang-A-Noise, Dear God, and Dead As Romance, and Danny went on to play in his church’s worship team band (and still does to this day).The band stayed dormant until KA built the first LYPSWITCH website in 1999. This helped keep the band’s name alive and later led to LYPSWITCH songs being included on the 2005 - 4 CD, Compilation Box Set through Deadline Music entitled Hollywood Rocks, as well as the 2015 - 4 CD, Compilation Box Set through Eonian Records entitled Rock ‘N’ Roll Rebels & The Sunset Strip.

    In 2018, the band self-recorded and produced the “30 Years” CD to celebrate the band’s 30th anniversary, and now, in 2024, Eonian Records has released a remastered version of the album with the addition of three newly recorded songs and all-new art and booklet.

    So, remember, as one of the bands early bios once said… In the realm of reality, where there is dark… there is light, and somewhere in between, there is LYPSWITCH!

Lypswitch - We Live In A World Of Sin (CD) (2024) (Eonian Records)

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