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  • Artist: Lunarium
  • Label: Farvahar Records
  • UPC: 899368001060
  • Genre: Heavy Metal
  • Release Date: 2008

    New full-length CD from Celtic power metal band Lunarium, out of Waverly, Ohio, features the previously unreleased Lord of Winter as well as fan favorites Sea Dragons and Trollslayer.

    Lunariums clean, aggressive interpretation of folk metal, combined with their tight vocals, compelling lyrics, and catchy riffs ensure you ll be humming the songs long after the CD is over. Lunarium combines stories of epic battles, heroic adventures, fantasy, and history into a well-crafted anthem to warriors throughout time who have stood up for freedom from tyranny and oppression in all forms. The self-described ale-swilling, troll-slaying, angry Celtic metal of Lunarium is a fun, head-banging romp through Celtic history and mythology, with occasional side trips into fantasy worlds and the local pub.Musically, Lunarium is power metal with a strong European influence but with enough crunchy riffing, growling and screaming to appeal to the fans of thrash, black, death and punk metal.

Lunarium - Lunarium (CD) (2008 Farvahar Records)

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