• Artist: Lordian Guard
  • Label: High Roller Records
  • UPC: 4251267700912
  • Genre: Heavy Metal
  • Release Date: 2018

    Anyone familiar with Bill Tsamis' work will know what to expect here. Supremely melodic epic heavy metal with a minimalistic almost classical feel shrouded in waves of ambient ecclesiastical sounding keyboards. The music on this album is as haunting as it is beautiful with a very strong Christian feel both musically and lyrically. Don't be fooled though, this isn't a happy clappy preach fest. Rather the songs are inspired by biblical passages and examine Christianity rather than openly promote it. You can't mistake this for any other artist. I guess the drums on this record are sequenced and sound a little synthetic at times (they remind me of the drums on Sisters of Mercy's Floodland album). The whole thing has been remastered with a big bass injection which improves this album enormously. So it's perfect then? Not quite......for me what let's the album down are the vocals. Done by Bill's one time wife Vidonne Sayre-Riemenschneider they are a little hit and miss. When she's in her comfort zone they are very pleasant but she has a tendency to drop to almost bass tones and here she struggles, sounding off key to my ears. Still an album well worth having and an album which is almost impossible to find in it's original release format. Even taking into account it's shortcomings I will definitely be buying the second Lordian Guard album also. As a final point the last song on the album 'In Peace He Comes Again' is a cracking (anti) Christmas song in a similar area to Greg Lake's classic and much better than the usual Wham! inspired Christmas crap.

Lordian Guard - Woe To The Inhabitants Of The Earth... (CD) (Euro Import)