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  • Artist: Jones Street
  • Label: Eonian Records
  • UPC: 798576132590
  • Genre: Heavy Metal
  • Release Date: 2022

    One copy arrived from the label - Brand-new/unplayed and packaged in a resealable CD pouch!

    Full-force, combat boot-to-the-head, hard rock, with intensity turned up to level eleven. This is far from another “strip band.” Combining the energy of Skid Row with the attitude of Guns N’ Roses, JONES STREET delivers a unique sound with catchy choruses and pounding grooves.The trio of bassist John “JJ” Jauregui and guitarists Mickey Perez and Jonny Jones already had a long history behind them before JONES STREET came into being in 1989, the threesome having first worked together in the late ‘80s San Diego outfit Point Panic. With the addition of singer Rick Monroe, they would gain notice after changing their moniker to that of the surname of their new frontman, the band going on to play countless shows in Southern California and the Midwest. Something that would culminate with a sold-out arena set in Hawaii opening for Mötley Crüe on their ‘Dr. Feelgood’ tour in front of an audience of some 18,000 rabid fans.Shortly after that tour, Monroe played at a large Hollywood celebrity-filled industry showcase, which went so well that their management asked them to hold off on any more live performances, preferring to focus on getting them into the studio instead. The band’s frontman thought that was the wrong move and decided to depart, leaving the remaining quartet to head to Los Angeles to seek out a new lead singer.Having witnessed him perform on stage with Orphan, charismatic vocalist Shawn Crosby was offered the chance to come in and jam with the band. The new five-piece of “JJ”, Perez, Jones, Crosby, and drummer Rob Hanna clicked immediately and with that, JONES STREET was born.

Jones Street - Out Of The Gutter (CD) (2022 Eonian Records)

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