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  • Artist: Joined Forces
  • Label: FnA Records
  • UPC: 301652040360
  • Genre: Hard Rock
  • Release Date: 2023

    CD is sealed and brand new!

    Joined Forces, A Connecticut powerhouse of 5 individuals, formed in 1981 and started out as a cover band. However, that didn’t last long as the band got into writing their own music and this was a new path for them that paved the way into solid songs. The band then turned into a 4 piece band.

    Joined Forces influences were deep and varied. Anything and everything from Zep to the Beatles, Deep Purple, Rolling Stones to name a few. Many thought of them as a combination of Van Halen and Aerosmith. According to the first singer in Joined Forces, Mark Diamond says, “We were heavy without being metal.”

    In 1983-84, Joined Forces were packing the clubs and had a stranglehold on the Northeast Music scene. The shows were 90 minutes long and consisted of 15 songs including the power ballad “Phantom Love”. The heart of the first incarnation of the band was: Mark Diamond (Vocals), Jimi Bell (Guitar), Marc Franco (Bass), and Michael (Vain) Karpiak (Drums). The band had already previously recorded a 3 track Demo Cassette at Mel Brooks Studios with the songs "Get Hot", “Phantom Love”, “Moon Child” - Eventually, Michael Karpiak was replaced with drummer Joe Aparo which led up to their first “real” professional recording, an EP called SHOW & TELL. 1985’s SHOW & TELL was recorded in White Plains, N.Y. and consisted of the tracks “Shy In Love”, “Phantom Love”, “I Want To Take You Home”, “Nobody’s Fool”, “Show & Tell”.

    Joined Forces had the good fortune of opening for Joan Jett, so when they needed a backing band for Joan Jett in the movie LIGHT OF DAY (with Michael J. Fox) – Joined Forces got the call to step in and become “The Hunzz”.

    The band was performing like a well-oiled machine firing on all cylinders; they also acquired management and a publicist. The band honed their skills for years to come, continuing to secure loyal legions of fans. However, things were changing and the band took a brief haitus. Guitarist Jimi Bell got the call to go out to L.A. and to see if he was a fit for the current incarnation of Ozzy Osbournes band. Many tried out, but when it came down to it, it was Jimi and Zakk Wylde still standing. Although the gig went to Zakk, Jimi would wind up playing with Geezer Butler from Black Sabbath.

    It was time for a new lead vocalist as Mark Diamond exited and Livio stepped in (1987). Livio was able to write dynamic melodies and the band gained a harder edge in the vein of Whitesnake. In 1989, Joined Forces entered the studio and recorded 10 tracks. The first 5 tracks, “Love Reaction”, “Alone Tonight”, “When The Lovin’s Good”, ”Don’t get Me Started”, and “Sad Boy Blues” were produced by James Christian (House Of Lords) and Jeff Cannata. The second set of 5 tracks, “Johnny’s On The Bad Side”, “Angel (I Wanna Fly)”, “Taste My Honey”, “One More Time”, “The Wild Side” were produced by Paul Sabu. The 10 tracks are featured here as the first 10 tracks of this album.

    Welcome to JOINED FORCES – THE ANTHOLOGY. This CD that you hold in your hands features EVERY piece of music Joined Forces ever recorded. Besides the 3 track cassette, The Show & Tell EP, and the last tracks they recorded with Sabu, Christian, and Cannata, there is a surprise unreleased track from Show & Tell, and a never released track from the vault entitled Never Fail. All 20 songs have been remastered and given that special touch which will feel just right to the ears.

    Jimi Bell is the only member of Joined Forces who was there when it started, when it ended, and through the 2 monsterous reunion shows. Jimi is a self-taught guitarist who is influenced by Ritchie Blackmore, Al Di Meola, and Johnny Winter. Currently (2023), Jimi is part of 4 bands: House Of Lords, Autograph, Beyond Purple (Deep Purple Tribute Band), and Demons Down. Jimi has received the Lifetime Achievement Award from All The Shreds Magazine, has been inducted into the New England Hall Of Fame, and has won best guitarist six times from the Hartford Advocate (95, 97, 99, 00, 01, 03). You can find out all things Jimi Bell at

    Livio still performs out. He has other projects: American Zeppelin and Free Spirit Society.

    Joey Aparo is part of a band called Spirit Shaker.

Joined Forces - Joined Forces Anthology (CD) (2023 FnA Records)

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