• Artist: Holter
  • Label: Frontiers Records
  • UPC: 8024391089453
  • Genre: Heavy Metal
  • Release Date: 11/9/2018

    2018* sees Former Wig Wam guitarist Trond Holter continuing his musical journey into the world of the vampire. His latest release follows on from 2015's 'Dracula: Swing Of Death', which was Holter's initial foray into the underworld and a joint project with vocalist Jorn Lande. The newly risen incarnation of the band features the dual vocals of Nils K. Rue (Pagan's Mind) and newcomer Eva Iselin Erichsen, while Bernt Jansen (bass), Per Morten Bergseth (drums) and Erling Henanger (keyboards) complete the ensemble. 'Vlad The Impaler', the inspiration for the Dracula story, carries the theme for Holter's second opus, and we're promised a much darker, heavier sound.

Holter ‎– Vlad The Impaler (Vinyl)


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