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  • Artist: Highway Robbery
  • Label: South Side Records
  • UPC: 661585897838
  • Genre: Hard Rock, Psychedelic Rock
  • Release Date: 2018

    Digipak version (200 copies only).
    Sludgy 1970’s hard rock/proto-metal glory — Highway Robbery's only album. Native American guitarist Michael Stevens wrote all the songs, and while he's not an amazing player, he could certainly write a good hard rock tune. Besides the crunchy guitar and drummer Don Francisco's high vocals, the band are also good at melodic harmonies. 'Mystery Rider' is a great opener, ‘Fifteen' is definitely one of the top amazing unfairly forgotten Hard Rock songs of the early 70s. Good, good stuff, ending with the slide guitar menace of 'Promotion Man,' a song made all the more ironic as the fame and fortune spoken of in it were never achieved by this very deserving band.

    Amazing for its heaviness + sincere lyrics, strong and compassionate vocal melodies, memorable guitar riffs and good songwriting; this all makes Highway Robbery one truly underrated energy rock band. Much as they did with Granicus, RCA blew it with Highway Robbery.

Highway Robbery ‎– For Love Or Money (CD in Digipak)

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