• Artist: Sessions
  • Label: Glory Or Death Records
  • Genre: Stoner Rock
  • Release Date: 2020

    Early on, as David Kent was getting things rolling with Heavy Velvet, he managed to gather a super-group of musicians to record what has become “Sessions”. Check out the slew of talent featured on this record:

    David Kent (Heavy Velvet, Slow Season, David Kent)
    Erika Leigh (Heavy Velvet)
    Mucho Drums (Great Electric Quest, Livin Alive, Gygax, Sabbath Buddy Sabbath)
    Chuck Elder (The English Beat, Electric Soul Co.)
    Cody Tarbell (Slow Season, The Aviators, Mr. Jimmy)
    Hayden Doyel (Slow Season, Brim)

Heavy Velvet - Sessions (Blue Vinyl)