• Artist: Haunted Garage
  • Label: Metal Assault Records
  • UPC: 190394217631
  • Genre: Metal/punk hybid, heavily influeced by horror movie culture
  • Release Date: 2016

    First full-length release by the Los Angeles shock rock / horror punk / heavy metal legends in 30 years! Fronted by the legendary Dukey Flyswatter, the band released an EP called 'Slenderman and Other Strange Tales' in 2016 with its current lineup of members, and in 2020, on the night before Halloween, this expanded version of the EP saw a vinyl LP release for the first time. In addition to the 9 tracks on the original EP, this version also features two brand new studio tracks, "Judgement Road" and "Surf Nazis (They Must Die)". A demo version of "I'm Bill Wilson" is an exclusive bonus track on the digital album only, and a live medley of "Party in the Graveyard" and "Brain in a Jar" is an exclusive bonus track for the vinyl LP. The vinyl is limited to a one-time pressing of 300 copies

Haunted Garage - Slenderman and Other Strange Tales (Vinyl)