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What you should know and probably don't!
* Greg Leon was actually the very first guitarist in Dokken prior to George Lynch
* Greg Leon was in a band called Suite 19 with future Motley Crue drummer - Tommy Lee
* Greg Leon gave guitar lessons with Randy Rhoads at Randy's mom's guitar school
* Greg Leon replaced Randy Rhoads in Quiet Riot when Randy left to join Ozzy Osbourne's band
* Greg Leon actually wrote the riff that became Ozzy Osbournes legendary tune "Crazy Train". Randy borrowed it from Greg, Ozzy loved it, and then they wrote Crazy Train around it. The original Greg Leon version with this riff can be heard on the FnA Records release "Guitars, Cars, And Women"

Growing up, Greg Leon was inspired by the dawn of the 70’s Guitar-Heroes. He immersed himself in the 6-string prowess of Jimi Hendrix, Leslie West, Frank Marino, Robin Trower, Ronnie Montrose, Rick Derringer, Pat Travers, Rory Gallagher, Danny Johnson, Johnny Winter and Ritchie Blackmore. Raised in the Los Angeles suburb Glendale, Greg focused his love of guitar to develop and hone his own unique passionate approach to the instrument at a truly amazing time in the Hollywood music scene. As a teen, Greg teamed up with future Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee in their band Suite 19. Back in the 80’s Greg was a wonder-kid guitar slinger on the Sunset Strip, and made his mark while rubbing elbows and trading licks with Eddie Van Halen and Randy Rhoads at the legendary Starwood club. Greg took over for Randy Rhoads when he left Quiet Riot to join Ozzy Osbourne. After a year with Quiet Riot, Greg became one of the founding members of Dokken. Greg toured Europe with the band and worked on a substantial amount of material for the first album. Shortly after returning from a European tour with Dokken, Greg turned his guitar position over to George Lynch and decided to strike out on his own to follow his destiny and musical vision in a power-trio format in tribute to his early guitar hero influences. The Greg Leon Invasion was born! The goal was to stay true to his musical heart by taking center stage with his powerful vocals and unique guitar playing. The highlight of the 2007 summer tour schedule was at the monumental ROCK FEVER FEST "Rocklahoma"on July 13th, where the Greg Leon Invasion spread “Rock n' Awe” to thousands of followers new and old alike. Aside from three seperate appearances by the Greg Leon Invasion at the festival, Greg performed the National Anthem on his guitar while Blackhawk helicopters flew over the crowd. Definitely a day that will go down in Rock history. Greg Leon is a true journeyman musician, producing several “Independent” albums before the term even existed (all of which are now available on FnA Records), such as his debut cd titled "Guitars, Cars, And A Woman" followed by "Unfinished Business" in 2005, and "Wishing Well" in 2007. Greg Leon's ability to maintain his musical vision for over three decades is testament to his conviction to make real rock music that touches people. Be forewarned – there’s an INVASION coming to your town where the motto is “Make Rock not War!”

Greg Leon Invasion - Wishing Well (CD) (2007 Crescent Records)

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