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  • ARTIST: Fist
  • LABEL: Back on Black
  • UPC: 803343122350
  • GENRE: Heavy Metal
  • RELEASE DATE: 5/24/2019

    North East England, late 1979, a rock band named Axe picked up bassist John Wylie, and changed their name… to Fist. In little time (the band had dissolved by the end of 1982) this group had produced an impressive catalogue of towering old school Hard Rock/Heavy Metal tunes, numbers, and good time anthems. What was fashioned was a unique blend of styles incorporating a solid appreciation of bluesy Rock, the then updated Heavy Metal sound, and a fine tuned inclination for crafting tunes around a formulaic, yet highly accessible, and enjoyable pop format. The music has a strong appeal in the vein of American Hard Rock. That old school blues reliance, with an overly chunky hard hitting sound, and an up beat rhythm. The music on a whole contains a lot of variety, seemingly brandishing hints from a broad spectrum of the NWOBHM scene. This second volume features:
    Track 1 is an alternative version of the song that appeared on the "Brute Force" compilation album.
    Tracks 2-7 are alternative versions of tracks that appeared on the debut album "Turn The Hell On".
    Tracks8-9 are previously unreleased songs from Fist's first line-up.
    Tracks 10-11 taken from the "Axe" session on September 1978 that also yielded the original version of "SS Giro".
    Tracks 12-16 are previously unreleased songs presumably recorded between deals.
    Tracks 17-19 are rough versions by the first
    Fist line-up.Tracks 17-18 were later reworked for the 2nd album "Back With A Vengeance".

Fist - Back With A Vengeance Volume 2 (2 LP) (2019) (Red Vinyl)

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