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  • Artist: Evergrey
  • Label: Napalm Records
  • UPC: 840588163229
  • Genre: Progressive Metal
  • Release Date: 2022

    Gothenburg's finest export of darkness Evergrey enters an astonishing new chapter in the band's history with their thirteenth studio album and Napalm Records debut, A Heartless Portrait (The Orphean Testament). This overwhelming journey through progressive heaviness and searing emotionality is repeatedly accented by sonic melancholy and gripping lyrics - leaving the listener speechless and re-cementing the Swedish five-piece at the top of the scene without a shadow of a doubt! A Heartless Portrait (The Orphean Testament) impresses with flawless, meticulous production that deftly depicts both heartfelt honesty and scorching metallic intensity, while it's instrumental force of furious, technically driven riffs, skyrocketing solos and dramatic synths merges with the expert, brooding vocal performance of Englund - one of the most distinctive vocalists in metal. He skillfully balances harsh and heavy tones with an inarguably soulful approach, all topped by melancholic, thought-provoking lyricism that digs deeper with every spin, leaving a long-lasting impact.

Evergrey – A Heartless Portrait/The Orphean Testament (2 LP) (2022 Black VInyl)

$32.79 Regular Price
$28.79Sale Price
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