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  • Artist: Ellefson
  • Label: Ward Records
  • UPC: 4582546591274
  • Genre: Heavy Metal
  • Release Date: 03/20/2020

    Megadeth bassist Dave Ellefson is out for his first solo album! Chris Poland (ex-Megadeth), Ron "Bumblefoot" Salle (ex Guns and Roses), John Bush (formerly of Anthrax), and David Glenn Eisley (ex-Jeffriere), DMC (RUN DMC), and more - superlative! Many guest musicians. Megadeth's "Countdown to Ruin" and Ozzy Osbourne's "Blizzard of Oz - Bloody Japan, including another mix of "Vultures" by Max Norman, who has worked on "The Legend of Heroes" and others. Many bonus tracks are included in this disc. Sleeping Giant is now awake.

    "As the bassist of Megadeth, one of the "Four Kings of Thrash Metal" and the reigning metal Dave Ellefson, has been a fixture in the band's heyday. The Last in Peace (1990), Countdown to Doom (1992), and While playing on such classic albums as Youth AnAsia (1994), F5, Metal Agencies This is the first time for him to announce a project with his own name, "Ellefson" is "Sleeping Giants".

    Dave's new journey is an explosive chemical reaction with a group of friends guesting and resonating with Dave's new journey. It's happening.Chris Poland (formerly Megadeth), Ron "Bumblefoot" Searle (formerly Guns and Roses / Sons of Apollo), John Bush (formerly of Anthrax, Inc. Armored Saints), Mark Tremonti (Alter Bridge / Creed), David Glenn Eisley (ex-Jeffria / House of Roses / Olivia Hussey's husband), Steve Conley (Flotsam & Jetsam), DMC (RUN DMC) and others, it's more than just an all-star album, it's an all-star album between two talented people. It's a battle of sparks.

    The album is a new recording by Dave and his business partner, Tom Hazzard, and and a collection of unreleased F5 tracks led by himself.Dave's new killer tune, "Vulture's," featuring Chris Poland and Mark Tremonti, and the exciting "Hammer (Comes Down)," which has an exciting Megadeth-direct sound, pushes through the songs with Megadeth-direct killing metal riffs and melodic hooks.

    The Japanese version of the CD includes the song Like Father Like Sun, Home, After All (Sed and Dunn) )" is added to the album. The complete physical version of the album will be available only in Japan at this time.

Ellefson - Sleeping Giants (CD - Japan Import) (2020)

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