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  • Artist: DIggeth
  • Label: No Dust
  • UPC: 8716059014883
  • Genre: Metal
  • Release Date: 10/21/2022

    Take 50 years of Hard Rock, Metal, Southern Rock and a bit of Progressive Rock; Diggeth will digest it and spew out their mix of all these genres in songs with hooks, heaviness and groove! This kick ass 3 piece band does give a complete meaning to "Metal-'n-Roll" with their breakthrough album Gringos Galacticos. Their live shows are legendary; the mix of genres is never forced, it flows, it pulses, it grinds and most important it grooves! It leaves you with an impressive "beep" in your ears and makes you wonder: "How can a three piece band sound so big" The band, founded by big bearded, veteran guitars linger and vocalist, Harald "Big H", know their trade: From the big sounding guitar and the weathered, raw and melancholic vocals, to the low-end thunder by bass player Natasja aka "Pebbles" and the grooving. Heavy drums by Casper "The Chief"; This band is on fire! Dring the pandemic the band stayed to their true motto "Keep On Diggin" and returned to the studio to write and record so much material. The new album is entitled "Zero Hour In Doomtown"

Diggeth - Zero Hour In Doomtown (2 LP) (2022) (Orange Vinyl - No Dust Records)

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