• Artist: Diggeth
  • Label:Qumran Records
  • UPC: 8024391086650
  • Genre: Hard Rock / Stoner Metal
  • Release Date: 10/2/2020

    REVIEW from www.metalkaoz.com
    Album releases on vinyl are amazing for a lot of reasons that anyone with the right set of ears and a decent amount of emotional intelligence should be able to recount. Qumran Records has become an active contributor to that list by rereleasing albums on this awesome format, giving us a second chance to meet bands that otherwise would have slipped through the cracks. I don’t know about you, but for me, vinyl (and often a colored one) is enough to immediately capture my attention. It does not require too much effort to put two and two together to understand why the ‘blue metallic’ color enticed my eyes, and made me check DIGGETH’s “Gringos Galacticos” out. Being aware of Qumran Records’ doings, I was soon led myself to submit my pre-order. In the meantime, let’s dig into DIGGETH (pun intended), shall we?Quoting Stephen Hawking in the beginning of the album, does not quite help with the sound DIGGETH carry inside the Dutch baggage... Well, where one does come from has absolutely nothing to do with music, although I have acquired the tendency of ‘trusting’ almost blindly bands coming from specific countries, playing specific types of Rock / Metal. In this personal list, I kind of have The Netherlands high in all things Stoner, Fuzz and everything else that has to do with the groove. “Spaceship Earth” opens the album with such an addictive foot-taping tempo that, despite the space-y subject, is all about pounding bass, groovy guitar chords and vocals that may hint some Southern Rock references of US origins. Confused? Well, words are just means to lure you to DIGGETH’s amazing sense of tempo, melodies and the kind of relaxing atmosphere that does not mess with the smooth flow. Oh yeah, check out how the almost Gospel intro in “Worship The Sun” explodes with a pounding rhythm that shines through a Zakk Wylde-inspired vibrato. You know, the kind that gets you into headbanging mode in an instance, letting you follow the almost Ozzy-like vocalisms. Damn, even by reading this sentence I am getting into the zone that, by the way, carries some Desert Rock beauty (do they have deserts in Holland? I seriously doubt it). “Let The Ancient One Sleep” turns the wheel towards the deep South with some banjo action and more of the killer bass sound that digs its feet into the Desert mid-tempo groove. Since you’ve been following DIGGETH down into a sun-beaten desert, then it makes absolutely sense to get into a Spaghetti Western mood with another hard-pounder called “Three Gringos”. For whatever the reason, my mind wandered towards ZZ TOP, especially during the chorus where the second voice says “three gringos” with a deep, almost throaty voice. The clean guitar-break adds a different layer on DIGGETH’s music that becomes even more interesting during the straight Metal guitar solo. Speaking of Metal, the faster “Keep On Diggin’” fits this profile with some CORROSION OF CONFOMITY ferocity and more awesome riff-driven groovy breaks. You should take this song’s chorus lyrics seriously and really keep on digging because there is more from where this came from…Banjo and bass work like a charm in “In The Wake Of Giants” that may have some stronger shades of grey as compared to the previous songs, and this works great transitioning to the riff-driven “Voodoo Mother” that turns the dial all the way to Stoner, without dismissing the melodic backbone where I think I may have heard some 12-string guitar action. No matter the number of strings, the Blues-almost slide guitars around the solo are another cherry on this multi-flavored cake. The only reference line I was able to draw between DIGGETH and METALLICA, which are mentioned in the press release, is for the fast “Straight-Shooter” that, to me, has some “St. Anger” in it, and believe it or not, I say this as a positive. The song that has managed to count the highest replay times was “Unshackled”. This turned out to be a slow-burner but it was totally worth it. You see, I like to dig into the lyrics, and this one quite of hit me hard with “...and now at 45, I am so glad to be alive” line, followed by “keep breathing, you’ll see another day”. Add to this the steady build from the banjo to the full-on guitar distortion, and you’ll get why this sneaks up on you. Extra kudos to Harald Te Grotenhuis for working the tension with his voice, moving from the mellow / Southern style to the harsh and powerful singing in the vein of Hetfield / Pepper.I enjoyed the “Gringos Galacticos”-guided journey with the blue vinyl spinning on the turntable. You go from the immediate likes with the groovy parts, the melodic layers with the Southern Rock flair, before starting to peel off the onion all the way to its center with the instrumental “Gringos Galacticos” (I do not count the scattered “gringos galacticos” lyric lines that bring RAMMSTEIN’s “Te Quiero Puta!” to mind), assuring you that everything will be fine, leaving you with a nice smile and some harmonica melodies. This is life, right? After all...“I don’t care much for age, another road where the numbers change”


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    01. Spaceship Earth
    02. Worship The Sun
    03. Let The Ancient One Sleep
    04. Three Gringos
    05. Keep On Diggin'
    06. In The Wake Of Giants
    07. Voodoo Mother
    08. Straight-Shooter
    09. Unshackled
    10. Gringos Galacticos

    Lineup:Casper Bongers - Drums
    Alco Emaus - Bass
    Harald Te Grotenhuis - Vocals, Guitars

Diggeth - Gringos Galacticos (Metallic Blue Vinyl)