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  • Artist: DiAnno
  • Label: Loudworks Records
  • UPC: 9781934293065
  • Genre: Heavy Metal
  • Release Date: 2023

    Di'Anno is the 1984 self-titled album of the band of the same name. The lead singer Paul Di'Anno had been the frontman of the British heavy metal band Iron Maiden for three years, before being dismissed for his erratic behaviour. The band bearing his name and playing very commercial heavy rock was his first and short-lived solo project.

    This album was actually released in Japan first with strange album title Two Swimmers & a Bag of Jockies. This was actually intended as a tribute to their friend and ex-drummer Mark Stewart, a cockney from East London. Two swimmers refers to fish, and jockies' whips is slang for chips - so literally: 2 fish and a bag of chips.

DIAnno - DiAnno (Expanded Edition) (CD) (2023 Loudworks Records)

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