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  • LABEL: Frontiers Records
  • UPC: 8024391137154
  • GENRE: Progressive Metal
  • RELEASE DATE: 11/17/2023

    Italian progressive metal masters DGM will release their long awaited 11th studio album, “Life” this November. It follows the band’s acclaimed release of “Tragic Separation” in 2020.

    “Life” comes as the culmination of 2 years work in which the band’s mainman Simone Mularoni, wrote a wealth of musical material from which the songs that compose “Life” were chosen. The songs show clearly the desire to push the band beyond any previous boundaries and to build more of their own personal identity and approach. Truly, no small feat given the band’s catalog!

    All the trademark elements of DGM’s sound can be found in this new album with sweeping choruses, technical passages, lightning fast fretwork, big vocals and bombastic transitions, but the care and the dedication to the songwriting emerges in phenomenal songs which carefully encompass everything that goes from Symphony X to a more classic hard rock sound. The playing is faultless as usual and the melodies are perfectly woven into the killer guitars, epic keyboards, and pounding drums. The line-up is more gelled and cohesive than ever but a special mention goes, beyond Mularoni’s pyrotechnic guitar playing, to singer Mark Basile who truly dominates the musical material like a helmsman on a stormy night. Simply outstanding!

    Watch out for DGM, they are not only Italy’s finest, but an absolute astounding force to be reckoned with in the international Progressive Metal scene and with “Life” they offer their listeners their most fast and heavy, dense and intense, platter of progressive power metal to date.

DGM - Life (2 LP) (2023) (Black Vinyl)

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