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  • Artist: Damn The Machine
  • Label: Village Slut Records
  • UPC: 4039967118240
  • Genre: Progressive Metal, Prog Rock, Alternative Rock
  • Release Date: 10/26/2021
  • Day One, is a collection of the Original Demos from 1991 & 1992, that we recorded on our 8 Track 1"Analog Tape Machine. The recordings were made in our rehearsal room in Los Angeles, prior to signing to A&M Records. The music and vocals are live, with minimal overdubs. The quality of these recordings, is absolutely outstanding. Chris has already commented, that he prefers the sound of this edition over the original Debut version.


    Track Listing:

  • The Mission
  • Fall Of Order
  • Corporate Reign
  • Honor
  • Lonesome God
  • On With The Dream
  • Patriot
  • I Will
  • Silence
  • Russians
  • Countryside
  • Humans
  • all songs & recordings copyright 1992 Damn The Machine

    published by Warner Chappel Music

    lyrics copyright 1992 David Judson Clemmons reproduced with permission


    Chris Poland / Guitars

    Mark Poland / Drums

    Dave Randi / Bass & Backing Vocals

    David Judson Clemmons / Guitars & Vocals


    Artwork & Design: Chris Corrado

    Audio Production: Damn The Machine

    Audio Post Production & Mastering: Andi "Dog" Young

    A production of Village Slut Records in cooperation with Damn The Machine copyright 2021

Damn The Machine - Day One (CD) (2021)

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