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  • Artist: Cirith Ungol
  • Label: Metal Blade
  • Number of Discs: 2
  • UPC: 039841580976
  • Genre: Heavy Metal
  • Release Date: 12/17/2021

    This year marks the 40th Anniversary of Frost And Fire, the groundbreaking album where the legend and lore of Cirith Ungol began. The fabled kings of the dead are celebrating this momentous occasion with a special, multi-format deluxe reissue of Frost And Fire via Metal Blade Records.

    You may know the tales that speak of frost and fire, but you’ve never heard them quite like this. In 1981, a little-known visionary quartet known as Cirith Ungol released their self-financed debut, Frost And Fire, via their own Liquid Flames Records imprint. In that unassuming moment, the course of heavy metal history changed forever. You see, the world had never experienced a sound quite like Frost And Fire before. It was mystical and obscure, epic and expansive, but most of all bone-crushingly heavy, dark and doom-laden.

    For all its primitive and primordial qualities, Frost And Fire is also timeless, as earthshaking tracks like “I’m Alive” and the thunderous title cut remain cornerstones of the Cirith Ungol canon to this day.

Cirith Ungol - Frost And Fire (2 LP) (2021 Reissue) (Green Camouflage Vinyl)

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