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  • Artist: Brick By Brick
  • Label: Upstate Records
  • UPC: 680611937782
  • Blue Vinyl
  • Genre: Hardcore
  • Release Date: 2/15/2019

    New York hardcore heavyweights Brick By Brick - featuring Mike Valente (Guitars), Andy Parsons (Bass), Ray Mazzola (Vocals, also of Full Blown Chaos) and James Muller (Drums) - will release their seventh studio album, Hive Mentality, on February 22nd, 2019 via Upstate Records.

    Brick By Brick have unleashed a second single from Hive Mentality to the masses, entitled "In The Ruins". "In The Ruins" - which is a re-recording of a track originally featured on a limited Brick By Brick split release - once again features the signature growls of The Acacia Strain vocalist Vincent Bennett.Brick By Brick guitarist Mike Valente says: "I wanted to re-do this song and give it the proper relaunch that it deserved with our vocalist Ray manning the helm. The song had history with Vincent and we needed to have him come in and add his guttural presence into the fold again. "In The Ruins" has hooks, it will grab your attention and make you want to spin kick the head of your neighbor!"

Brick By Brick - Hive Mentality (Blue Vinyl) (2019 Upstate Records)

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