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  • Artist: Briar
  • Label: ProgAOR Records
  • UPC: 0658392997790
  • Genre: Hard Rock
  • Release Date: 2018

    BRIAR were one of the many names that popped up in the wake of the 80's in the fervent NWOBHM movement in the U.K. After a debut 7" in the Happy Face label (Diamond Head, Cryer, etc.) in 1982 and an album three years later on the legendary Heavy Metal Records (Quartz, Shiva, Witchfinder General, Wrathchild, etc.), Briar established themselves as one of the most prominent names in the British Melodic Metal/Hard Rock scene of the 80's, along with emerging or already established acts like the Tygers of Pan Tang, Tokyo Blade, Black Rose and Tobruk.

    This album is basically the project for the 1988 album that the band hoped to be released by CBS/Columbia, when they signed with the major label. The management and label choice at the time was to send the band to record cover versions so the "Crown of Thorns" album was born as a marketing strategy for major radio airplay and cause an impact in the mainstream Pop/Rock scene. So the band's plan to get released the "Reach Out" album was suspended. The band never liked the idea of having their best songs written to date put on hold while a covers album was being released in several countries, but finally after 30 years, these songs will be released by PROGAOR. This is BRIAR's finest hour, the band was at the top of their game with superb songwriting skills creating a collection of 9 songs that all melodic Rock fans should have in their collection. Released for the first time on CD, this will include a detailed band history, several band pictures, song lyrics and liner notes by Dean Cook (Briar drummer). Like if wasn't enough, we also offer as bonus tracks the 1990 demo and 4 live tracks recorded in 1991 and 92.

    All songs Written & Performed by Briar.
    All Produced by Strida (George Bond).
    Tracks 1 to 9 recorded 1988.

    File under: Melodic Hard Rock, AOR.
    For fans of: Heavy Pettin, Shy, Lionheart, Statetrooper.


Briar - Reach Out (CD) (2018 ProgAOR Records)

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